Rainbow Curation Project Statistics #5

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Rainbow tokens are passive income tokens for investors who are receiving 90% of our curation rewards that are distributed weekly in form of STEEM. Half of the rewards from posts are distributed among rainbow token holders. A sale price of 1 RAINBOW = 1 STEEMP has been established and will be maintained. In our support for the steem economy we are converting 1.386 SBDs.

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Weekly Statistics 05

Rainbow holded: 2,861

Rewards for investors this week: 19.905 Steem

Payout in steem this week: 0.0068 per token

%APR this week: 30.1%

Curation Rewards: 10.63 SP * 0.9 = 9.567 Steems

Posts Rewards: 19.92 Steems * 0.5 = 9.96 Steems

Rewards from Engine: 0.378 Steems

Note: We have paid out more than 119 Steem to Rainbow holders and currently there are 13 investors.

How to get Rainbow Tokens?

There are 2 options to get Rainbow investing tokens: The first one is by purchasing them on steem-engine (RAINBOW) and the second one is by delegating Steem Power to @rainbow.curator.

Delegators will not receive rainbow tokens but will receive rewards corresponding to their delegation (If you delegate 100 SP you will receive weekly rewards as you hold 85 rainbow tokens).

If you like to delegate some steempower to the project you can use one of the following links:

100, 200, 500, 1000, 2000.

If you need for information about the project, you can comment this publication.

Kind regards,

Rainbow Curator Team

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