The Daily Top Authors: Discovering Great Content Creators #1

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Rainbow tokens are passive income tokens for investors who receive 90% of our curation rewards that are distributed weekly in form of STEEM. A sale price of 1 RAINBOW = 1 STEEMP has been established and will be maintained. The sale of tokens will be used to turn it into Steempower and perform curations.

Top 3 Selected Authors

01 Autor: @edwardstobia

Original Song "Aquella Velada // That Evening" - by @edwardstobia

I have you in front of me and I'm tied, my fingers bleed, my soul cries. I hear you laugh, I see you live. Withering I longing for your tears. Waving the wind, you're escaping. Free from the prison of my existence. I see you coming, but you never arrive. And the void grows, it only grows. Now I say goodbye, even if it is one more lie. You will be engraved in the flames conceived that evening.

02 Autor: @nestorgarcia


We continue with the task of progressing in the modality of realism, it is a goal that I set a couple of months ago when I looked at the work of an urban artist, who gave me some indications to start doing this kind of art. I remind you that I am not an expert in artistic matters and that is why I am still learning new techniques. For the occasion I took the reference image shown on the right, Marilyn Monroe.

03 Autor: @sol25

Conchas de Moluscos - [En] Mollusk Shells | Verano 2019

Each time we go to the beach and rest on the sand, I begin to observe everything around me and especially what I am so comfortably resting on. When I want to take some photos, I usually look for those that attract me, like these mollusc shells that are all over the place, or at least that's the way it is on the beach I visit, called Tavira.

How to get Rainbow Tokens?

There are 2 options to get Rainbow investing tokens: The first one is by purchasing them on steem-engine (RAINBOW) and the second one is by delegating Steem Power to @rainbow.curator.

Delegators will not receive rainbow tokens but will receive rewards corresponding to their delegation (If you delegate 100 SP you will receive weekly rewards as you hold 85 rainbow tokens).

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