now look amazing . Advice steemit company.

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InShot_20200221_151203148.jpg now look amazing.@steemit Their website has been updated and added some new things.

This update has made steemit more easy.


Two new options have been added to Notification and Communities.
Because of these two options, there will be many benefits to the people now that we can subscribe to the community.
I subscribe to some communities.Shared a screenshot of my subscription with all
After this update came a little trouble now that I have adjusted myself and I like this update so many thanks for doing this kind of work.

The rank of the present can be seen.
Price update
The sticker price has gone 2x in 2,1 months now the steem price is currently 0.22doller $ almost.

Coin market rank steem coin 77 right now

Talked about steem doller sbd


The steem doller (sbd) claims stable coins but unfortunately it is not stable.It should cost $ 1 but it's not a dollar.It was $ 0.60 dollwr a few days ago.current price $0.82 doller.
The steemit company should keep it stable.steemit company They have told their road map that it is stable coins unfortunately it is not stable.@steemit has lost much of its market by not keeping it stable as promised.According to the road map, it will be a minimum of $ 1, but it has not decreased further.
If you like my words then if you do not like to comment on the comment but do not comment and what to do steemit company briefly comment.

There are many stable coins in the market such as treader coin, usdc coin
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