Of course, you will be in Paradise

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I have not written for a long time. It's too late.
The disease has consumed me.
Recently I remember Sanyaki very much. Call him
Do not worry Cancer does not touch. But why so much so
Negligence Nowadays, talk with Ryson
Cut me My boy with me
Identity on the phone Without any conditions
Love me But I have nothing to do.
Love someone with a cancer patient
Nor do anyone have the right to love.
Come home with a busy chemo. Hairstyle
I was always a little more khutkhuate me.
Buy new brand shampoo conditioner
Now they do not need anymore. There is no hair, shampoo
What to do with Work
The dressing table, called to Buya, came out of the house
Did you I do not like to look in the mirror.
Meanwhile, there is a quarrel between Dad and Mom
Day. I know this relationship will not last long.
At that time I was sleeping at midnight and saw my father
Sitting sitting near the foot. At the wedding of love
What is the consequence Maybe from love
I have a lot of quarrel with you. Her
I like to argue with.
Someone wants to quarrel in life.
If you do not have to survive
Last 48 hours me
The medicine has been dragged on.
I'm mine
Efforts have been made by doctors to win.
But I know that winning will eventually lead to cancer.
Not getting the power to write ... Sunny missed a lot
I am doing Although it should not be missed Cancer
None of the patients have the right to miss
This writing is probably going to be my last book.
Writing the last strength is writing the writing. Me
Among the things left are the Diarya Rissan
Read the part. Man in the boy
There is a God-given power to smile at face. Re
Be very good Write to the eyes
The water in the corners is one-fourth. For whom this water is.
I do not know. I miss it very much. Dad, my little boy
Sister sister I miss the friends.