Rabindranath Tagore's stress on our college education stone

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The reading of our literature was not auspicious for our evil fate. He was also a big burden. Literary meaning literally means English literature. Sanskrit poetry, which was taught in two languages, is not as literary, it is difficult to say. The discovery of his anatomy by the poetry from his poetry was the work of the Sanskrit professor.

In that we see that the English writer is just the best writer. The poet can not say something special. He or failure of a great poet Professors never used to judge the good of English literature with their feeling and taste. It would have been chaos. English literature was a part of British curiosity in the Karyn period.

This inferiority complex of the education of college has made our thinking fierce and crippled, made of sense of humor and unbearable. We were released from this crisis of mind, with the poetry and literature of Rabbinate. In his poem, we got the ribbing of the mind. Feeling uninterested None of his professors have ever named him, but we know that the literature that they wrote 'notes' is not shorter than this literature.

And this literature is written in our own words, and whoever wrote it, we find it in our time sometimes - it has been our analysis of our mind. The poetry of Rabbinate was poised to make our mind full of literary literary roles in the first generation. Not only that, his literature turned our morals into our favor with the superiority of English great literature.

While reading our college 'articles of ancient literature were written in the' old literature '. They were invaluable for our literary taste and feeling. That is why we realized that Kalidas' poem is not an annotation of Malathion, it is different from Kimball's Ramayana-Dharma.