A New Adventure

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Image by Dariusz Sankowski from Pixabay

Within the next couple of weeks, I’m going to be moving almost 10 hours away from my home. This journey is a lot more overwhelming than I had imagined at first. After all, it’s not even the first time I’ve made this sort of move. When I was 18, I moved the whole way to Florida on my own for college.

But that was different. I had a much bigger security net. My living expenses were all paid for in my tuition. I didn’t have that much to worry about.

This time, I have everything to worry about. The process of finding a place to live without being able to see it in person has been an absolute nightmare. I will never understand why so many places only allow dogs under 20 pounds. What does weight have to do with anything? Renly might weigh almost 70 lbs but she’s a nice lady. It’s not like she’s going to attack anyone. I feel like a 5-pound chihuahua is more likely to do that. Everyone I’ve ever met has been a little ball of feistiness and attitude! If you’re going to allow dogs, allow all dogs.

Pictures can be completely deceiving and the descriptions landlords offer are pitiful. Even a virtual tour isn’t the same as actually being there. It’s never the same unit, which is understandable. But still, I would love to be able to see the exact place I’m going to be renting for the next year.

That’s the bright side though, it’s only a year and then we can find a place we really love.

Finding a job is another disaster. So many places won’t even look at your application even when it says you are definitely relocating. I offered all the information upfront, but still, I have gotten minimal replies. I am experienced in my field and have wonderful references. Still, barely any replies. I’ve even thought of just dedicating myself to this, to writing, but the idea does scare me to an extent. Again, there’s not a big enough safety net.

I’m still playing around with the idea. Regardless, I am going to work on my writing more. I’ve missed it. I feel like everyone else got to focus on the things they love in the last year, but I’ve been too stressed to do the same. I think it’s time for that to change.

I’m really excited about this new adventure my partner and I are about to go on. I think it will be very good for us in the long run. It could mean so many great things for both of us. There are so many opportunities.

Plus, we're both very happy to leave there area we are currently in. There's nothing here. Everything is dying. What's worse is that the employers are more than aware of that fact. They treat employees horribly and don't pay nearly what other areas do because they don't have to. There aren't any other jobs and a lot of people can't commute. It's horrible.

Please wish us luck! I have no doubts that this is going to be tough, even though we have most of it figured out. There are so many things that I am going to miss, but I know we are going to find a million new things to love and enjoy!


[email protected], been a long minute hasn't it...

Seems like only yesterday when the bananafish fellas were one big family and folks like fenix and calluna made writing fun.

I only noticed your posts tonight, and i thought to come around and say hi.

Steemit sadly, doesn't hold much attraction for our old friends. Most of them can be found on the other fork these days (H-i-v-e), minus the (-) of course. Seems you missed the whole "Great Movement" that happened last year.

However, good news is that Steemit is growing again. New communities have sprung up, and one could grow again, just like before. The curators are certainly doing their best, but of course, nothing is perfect.

I wish you and your partner luck on your new life and journey. Hope you create awesome new memories.


Thank you for letting me know! I saw that you did find me over on the other site. I’m still trying to figure everything out. It seems a lot has changed!