The UGLY DOG That Lives In My House

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I had not seen my brother for almost six years and he was on his way for a visit, I was excited to see and spend some time with
him. In the time since we had last see one another I had become a father to a wonderful little girl, and then a single father. Their was a lot to talk about. I could not wait to introduce him to my daughter and for her to meet her uncle. While I was at work that evening I had asked my parents to come over and babysit my daughter knowing that my brother would stop by and we all could visit over some coffee.

It had been a busy evening at work and it was getting close to closing time. As I was going over my check list of closing procedures I hear the door open. Without missing a beat I turn around to greet the incoming customer only to see my daughter standing their. I smile and squat down as she comes over for a hug then I notice that the stuffed animal in her arms was moving. I then realize she is holding a real puppy. That is when I notice the giant grin on her face was not just because she got to come see me at work. Thank you brother.

At this point I have no other recourse than to accept this wonderful and unexpected gift. You have to love family. Needless to
say this cute puppy has grown into the above mentioned ugly dog, but important and valuable part of the family. It is funny how some times the unexpected and truly unwanted gifts can become one of the best. This little dog has become my daughters most loved friend, and I cannot deny that he is a important part of the family. I had to share this story today because as I was cleaning the house I watched as my now teenage daughter carried her beloved puppy around talking to him as if he was human. I love how even as she becomes older her compassion and love for this ugly little critter grows. As I watched this exchange I felt a warmth and joy filling my heart. It was one of those moments that make life so wonderful.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story I hope you enjoyed it..May happiness find you in the most unexpected way.

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This looks looks like my previous dog. He was a charm :)
Best wishes! - @splendorhub

I like it I would have say that about him as well. He is odd loves to steal socks does not chew them up just puts them by his food bowl lol.

Great enjoy a lot want to see more of this in future. @roverone

Thank you for the kind words.

It looks like my dog Cookie :D
Good post

Thank you. Its funny how the goofier they look the cooler they are. Have a great day.