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RE: A Letter To My Readers :)

in #blog3 years ago (edited)

You are a wonderful, sweet and loving person Abigail! You are a "flood" of positivity that always has something interesting to share and teach us something!!
May you have many many more blessed and happy years on Steemit (and not only here).
Thank you for all the support all this time!!!

And since you got me on a romantic mood, here is a sweet song for you!!

Lots of love!! 😘💖


Stars shining bright above you
Night breezes seem to whisper I love you

Oh my dear @ruth-girl what a fine choice! You just brought me a big smile this morning (well, again). 💖

Likewise, smart girl :) thank you for everything you do for the platform, for steemstem and for the invaluable support you never fail to give me!

Lots and lots of love to you always! 😊

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