Bangladesh -India match is going to make history

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February 7 is the start of a new chapter in world cricket. For the first time that day, the International Twenty20 was played. Which has become one of the most popular formats in the world over time.

Australia and New Zealand played the first international Twenty20 match in the world. Australia won by 5 runs in that match. Naturally, as long as Rob T20 cricket, this match will be a part of history.

Similarly, the first Twenty20 match between Bangladesh and India is going to create a new milestone in the history of international T20 cricket. Twenty-four cricketers are going to touch four digits through this match.

If all goes well, Tiger skipper Mahmudullah Riyadh and Indian captain Rohit Sharma will be tossing at the Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi at 7pm. And then it will be 5 matches in T20 cricket. That means Bangladesh will be playing the 8th match of the Twenty20 format.

It didn't take long for the Twenty20 format to fill thousands of matches. Twenty-four cricketers are writing four-digit names in just three and a half years. Australia and Pakistan are now struggling in the 8th match of this format. The 5th match will be between Bangladesh and India.

Pakistan played the most number of matches in the Twenty20. They also have the most 3 wins (excluding the current match). In addition, more than one hundred teams played in more than 100 matches. Bangladesh have played in four over overs so far.

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