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Czech Republic football club Slavia Praha - not a very familiar name in European football. Even in the Czech Republic there is one more successful group than Slavia. As a result, the name of Slavia has never been so pronounced in club football in Europe.

However, the Czech Republic's club are surprised to see everyone formally playing in the UEFA Champions League this season. In their first match of the season, they restrained the Italian giant Inter Milan, drawing 1-1.

It was in their own fields. But this time the Spanish club Barcelona play in the backyard new camp, the same fruit is repeated again Slavia. Barcelona have a 3-1 draw in their own field.

Barcelona were looking to lose themselves in a big part of the match on Tuesday night. On that occasion, Slavia went on the attack. But they did not score a goal because of Ter Stegan's watchful eye. They also scored a goal early in the second half. But it was canceled due to offside.

But it's not as if Messi-Griezmann has given only disappointment throughout the match. Instead, they were frustrated by Slavier's barpost for 5 minutes. Messi's instinctive shot from outside the D-box comes back to the crossbar. Apart from this, the match was resolved in a goalless draw if several more attacks were futile.

Not to mention that Barcelona did not win their last match in the domestic tournament Spanish La Liga. However, it was on the opponent's field. The disciples of Ernest Valvard were defeated 3-1 on the day they received the hospitality of Levant. And this time, with a weak Slavia in their field, the goalless draw.

German club Borussia Dortmund defeated Inter Milan 3-2 in another match of the same group on Tuesday night in the same group of Ashraf Hakimi.

This, of course, was no problem with Barcelona sitting at the top. Barsa is still at number nine with two wins in 5 matches and 3 points in the draw. The next three teams in the match are Borussia, Inter and Slavia, with points of 1, 5 and 2 respectively.

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