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RE: A Letter To My Readers :)

in #blog3 years ago

It will be one year, next Monday, when I first joined and became active on this platform

Next monday? That's 2nd July. Coincidentally, that's my birthday.
This is so cool Abbey. My birthday + your 1year anniversary on steemit. We could celebrate together you know 😃.

I'm glad to have known you Abbey. Stay blessed


Sammyyyy 😃

My birthday + your 1year anniversary on steemit.

Let's celebrate together Sammy. Oh! Brazil owe us a win 😏 don't you think ...

I will stop by to with a happy birthday tomorrow my dear. It is my pleasure to have met such a fine young man like yourself here!

Much love to you from Portugal! :*

Sure we would celebrate together Abbey.

And I wouldn't miss tomorrow's match between Brazil and Mexico. I've got my hopes on Brazil. 😃

Much love from Naija. Thanks a lot Abbey😍