Popsicles For People With Sensitive Teeth

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As soon as I've seen the title of this video, I recognized myself in it :)

I was always impressed with people taking large bites of their ice-cream, since I was never able to do that. The pain in my teeth is just unbearable.

So I don't eat ice-creams almost at all, except in rare occasions when I can get my hands on high-quality, milky ice-cream, with as less as possible ice in it, and preferable in a box, so I can eat it with a spoon.

What about you, do you have sensitive teeth, and do you usually bite ice-cream? :)



So I don't eat ice-creams almost at all

Lol, what a loser!

I was always a loser, that's why I ended up on Steemit, trying to heal my frustrations and complexes by bullying innocent people.

Flag me, flag me harder

I am an owl. A beak is a pretty neat thing.

But maybe owls with sensitive beaks cannot eat ice-cream as well?

It beaks me why it can be sensitive. :D There are no nerves inside right

Excellent notion, dear Owl-son! :D

The beak areas closest to the head have nerve endings and blood supply, but there are no any towards the tip of the beak.

Beaks are owl-some @regularowl give her a tip for that pun

Yep, unbearable for me. Makes me cringe thinking about it!

In the same class as running fingernails across a blackboard :(

Hahahaha, you gave me a good laugh :D

But yes, I totally know what you mean.