your numerous attempts to quit

@sco, this is the second time you mention this. I think you are confusing me with someone else, and I even know who that someone else is! 😛

It never crossed my mind to quit Steemit, much less attempt to do it! 😊

Oh dammit, you're right, that must have been @erh.germany. Sorry! I think it's because of that break you had during spring... embarassing... ooops

that break you had during spring
Now we're talking! 😉

Yes, it was our Dear Erika that scared us with a post about leaving us all! But, fortunately, she changed her mind! :)

I meant it quite seriously. ... For about a months. LOL! :-)))

:-))) Laughter. Funny that you confused the two of us. But then we are playing in the same field. I am braking my rules and show with my example how inconsistency looks like. LOL.

Well, I think it was quite cool @sco confused the two of us 😏