Tesla has a minor fender bender and the press goes bananas, but this Audi explodes and not a peep

in #blog3 years ago

My take away from how the press treats Tesla should be good (i.e. they are so much safer/held in high regard that when one is involved in an incident it's newsworthy) but I can't help but feel that large oil/coal interests are actually panicking over how well the Model 3 is selling in the USA and are scared for their future so are using their money and influence to attack Tesla at every opportunity.

Audi Explodes

Why aren't the press running a hit piece on Audi after one of their car spontaneously explodes after refuelling this week? Hypocrisy and one sided reporting just seems to be the norm for the legacy media these days, it's all about fueling outrage culture and generating clickbait.


But AUDI buys so much of air time on MSM if they show this ....Oh I see ...

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