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Hello Girls, Guys

When I navigate on Hive reading daily publications I must admit I generally read quality articles. If you are writing quality content you can't miss the Read Cash blogging platform. They recently build a rewarding system paying you everyday in Bitcoin Cash (BCH). You will have some rules to follow to be remunerated by the common funds for your writings: write quality exclusive content, your publication must be validated in a community. But you will earn points for many of your another interactions, read more about it here. Join the Read Cash community and increase your daily income!

Just give it a try! :0)

My yesterday points, witch means, I will get $1.61 in BCH in my Desktop Wallet today.


A moment later.. (with the BCH market variations)

They work hard on Read Cash, trying to build a fair platform based on Bitcoin Cash incentives., and spreading the word about Bitcoin Cash adoption!

See you.. Space Rockers!

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