The Endlessness

in #bloglast year

Everyone believes in something even if it's nothing

Everyone has thought what happens the moment the death strikes

I've experienced death and thousands of lives

I've been everyone, I had husbands and wives

I saw the essence, the knowledge, the wisdom of life

I felt connected to everything as day is to night

There isn't one without the other

No black without white

I experienced it all

As I entered the light

I became one and heard the call

We have to rise up and fight

I experienced the ego-death

It's the circle of life

I ate some mushrooms and they turned out to be the psychedelic ones. What I experienced was something truly magical but at the same time it was terrifying as fuck.

I knew, of course, that they were psilocybin mushrooms but at that time I had no idea what's going to happen. I felt the biggest happiness and understanding of life that I ever felt but I also experienced ego-death and it was the most terrifying experience of my life.

In the end, it was truly worth it. It completely changed the way I look at things. I felt that there was more to what we are being told. We have all the knowledge and wisdom of the entire human history within us and it is possible to tap in. It definitely is.

Anyway, this post was meant to be only a poem but turned out more. Life happened to it, I guess.

Thank you for reading! You're the best!

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