Uhm... is this thing still on?

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Looks like it is. I've been away since September of last year, and I have plenty excuses as to why. Between working like a manwoman and trying to help solve the medical cannabis crisis in Israel - I barely have time for self-care, let alone blogging.

So what am I doing here? Well, mostly giving yall a heads up. In the foreseen future this blog will serve as a kind of showcase for content co-created by me for clients of the digital agency where I am a content manager. I have no idea if I will find the time to blog as it gets hard when you write for a living, but if I do? You, my steemian friends, will be the first to know.

Now, what did I miss since September on this here blockchain?


hey dear, nice to read from you again ;) It would be a pleasure seeing more texts on your blog sooner or later. It really seems you have an interesting time and a lot of stories :)

No shortage of stories, but I find that I type where it pays more, at the end of the day. And work just pays me a lot more per key-stroke than storytelling, you know?

Welcome back :)

Stuff is happening, slowly but I think in the right direction.

I hope you can still get your meds?

https://www.naturalmedicine.io/ May interest you 😁

Yes I can. I am also managing the Facebook page of the Ministry of Health on the topic of Medical Cannabis. Long story.

Sounds like you have some stories to share 😁

Some. Israelis are... Israeli. It's not easy doing what I do as a volunteer, no less. But someone needs to.

Hello fellow Utopian peep,

Things have been going. We took a bit of a morale hit when utopian went on hiatus (starting to think that was a euphemism for quitting altogether but could be wrong) as the anti-abuse project had done much to give our flaggy bunch hope to be able to be able to better thwart exploitation on our platform.

Things are starting to pick up thankfully. I'm sure you've missed a ton of drama but don't fret. I'm sure there will be plenty more. Oh yeah we almost started a peasant uprising / flag war against the potato so that was interesting.

Anyways, you hear anything from @elear? Is Utopian ever planning a glorious return to Steem ushering in a new golden age of open source empowerment? Would be nice but not holding my breath exactly.

Good seeing you're back. If you want an easy way to leverage your free downvotes for a return and help keep Steem clean, consider joining us at @steemflagrewards.

Let me know if you want me to link you. Take care

@elear vanished. I wasted two years of my life believing him. Learned my lesson well. Utopian is gone, as far as I know.

Not really back in terms of active in the community... How can I delegate my downvoting power to you or something?

Yep, Utopian is gone, the idea remains. I had the notion to bring it back with a different twist, but when I thought about the mass amount of time I would most likely need to input to that project I quickly took a step back and closed the book again :)
take care all of you

Yeah, I feel you. Startups are exhausting. I think it's an Israeli thing - you find yourself in a startup at one point or another. But with my disabilities? I rather be a freelancer for startups. Which I am.

Delegating to @steemflagrewards is how to reward flaggers

To be one of those flaggers, there are a couple options depending on whether you want it to be automated or manual.

  1. Join the @flagtrail and set the options /limits to what works for you. (e.g. SP limit of account to flag, VP limits etc) Uses posting auth and currently requires Discord for authentication but hoping we can switch to SC2 or other implementation.

  2. Manually flag exploitative content that meets our consensus criteria (spam, vote farming, plagiarism etc). Mention @steemflagrewards citing the criteria and mods will review / approve once the webhook catches it.

  3. Downvote content that you believe needs additional negative curation that has already been flagged + mentioned by another user. If one user already commented, no need to add another comment for approval. Our bot will pick it up.

The following post pretty much lays everything out with the links to the trail and our discord. Let me know if you have any issues and we'll do our best to figure it out.


Can't I just set steemauto to trail the downvotes of the account? Screw rewards, I just want to help.

Back in the day, I was asking @mahdiyari about adding dvote trailing but not sure if he ever got around to it. @howo's downvote control may be a good option but haven't tried it personally.

Appreciate the willingness to help. You motivate me! 💪

Already added months ago!

Where do I sign?

Hello! So good to hear from you, lovely! I hear you on trying to find time to do all the things. Take care of you, and your fur-family. Always so nice to get updates from you. Wishing you all the best. (((hugs from afar)))

Good to see your face and a short update <3

We're testing communities on beta.steemit.com nowadays, and fighting wars about downvotes, and sometimes checking steemproposals.com for things people want to do for Steem :-)

Cheers, and keep checking in when you can. Hope life is good all in all <3

Yeah, I've switched to SteemPeak since forever ago. Do communities work here too?

Yes, they’re beta’ing too: beta.steempeak.com/communities :-)

Oh crap, I didn't know this! I thought I'm back stuck with Steemit if I want to try out communities!

Glad I could bring you some good news! :D

welcome back, you missed several hardforks (original and bug fixes), the bear market and a lot of drama 😂

Of course there's a lot of drama. It's still Steem. :D

Welcome back! Biggest change is probably 50/50 curation rewards, 1 free downvote a day and very few remaining bidbots :)

I never used bidbots so don't care. All in favor of 50/50. Always have been.

Hum.. It looks like there is a lot of people coming back (me I included). That's interesting..

Welcome back.

Things seem to have improved a bit over the last year, besides the 🥔 and bonfires

Welcome back! I took a good 5 week break myself which was fairly refreshing. Looking forward to hearing some tales!

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Hi Ilana, good to see you back in the neighbourhood.

I am still writing the daily Steem News if you need a fast track way to catch up. Just did edition #250 last night.

Damn. That's... a lot. Is there some... quarterly summary?

Start with the present and work backwards...

Or just set the speed reading dial to max.

Good Gods. I am scared now.

well, you didn't miss me i guess.

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Mom, is that you?

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Welcome back!❤️

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