Essiac Tea: A Natural Treatment For Cancer

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As I wrote yesterday, I recently lost my mother to cancer. I lost my father to cancer back in 2007 after a 15 year battle and my maternal grandfather in 2000 after a 3 month battle. Cancer is a common household word in my life. Many members in my family have had cancer or benign tumors. I will humbly admit that my biggest fear in life is a cancer diagnosis. I don't generally admit that to too many people. This is what sparked my interest in nutrition, herbology, and alternative medicine. I have a "plan" in case a diagnosis ever comes my way. I eat a healthy, whole foods diet to help prevent cancer. I have studied nutrition, cancer, alternative medicine, and herbology at great lengths over the years. I am not an expert, by any means, but I am well educated in this area.

One thing I have personally seen help tremendously with cancer is Essiac Tea. The active ingredient in Essiac for addressing cancer is Sheep Sorrel, although the other herbs that are combined in the Essiac tea recipe all work together to boost the overall outcome.

The great thing about Essiac is that it can be used WITH conventional treatments like Chemotherapy, Radiation, and Surgery! It can also be used with other alternative methods as well.

Essiac tea is technically a decoction, which is similar to a tea, but is brewed for a longer period of time. When you order Essiac it will come with very specific brewing instructions which you need to follow for best results. Also, Essiac tinctures and capsules are NOT recommended as you will not get the same results. For more info on Essiac please go to this link.

My dad's success with Essiac:
My dad sure did love to eat junk food. I have zero memory of him ever consuming a salad and the few vegetables he did eat were only consumed at my mother's persuasion. My dad loved fast food, candy, and soda. There was no convincing him to change his diet. When he was first diagnosed with cancer in 1991 or 1992 (I forget which year) he did quit smoking immediately and never touched a cigarette again. He was diagnosed with cancer several times over the course of 15+ years. During this time he used conventional treatments (chemo, radiation, and surgery), did not do any diet changes, and only drank the Essiac tea when he was actively treating the cancer. His cancer battles and recoveries were nothing short of miraculous. His oncologist was always amazed at his results. He continued to work full time and only missed minimal work days while battling cancer multiple times in his bladder, kidney, skin, brain, lung, and liver. In fact, dad did so well during his treatments that the cancer diagnoses seemed routine after awhile. He had stints of remission, one lasting about 5 years. In fall 1996 he was diagnosed with brain and lung cancer. My mom told me the doctors gave my father six months to live. They ordered the Essiac and started conventional treatment. They did chemo, radiation, and multiple surgeries. By spring my father was once again in remission. One of his most miraculous stories was when he had the brain tumor removed. It was a large tumor with little "tentacles" that went down further into his brain. The doctor's plan was to get as much as he could, but said it would be nearly impossible to get it all. Well, after a shorter time than we expected the doctor came out to see us and was completely in shock. He said he had never seen anything like it. When he opened up my dad's skull the tumor literally fell into his hand, tentacles and all. This really solidified our belief that the Essiac was really helping! Hindsight being 20/20 I truly believe if my dad would have incorporated some drastic dietary changes and continued to do a round of Essiac 2-3 times a year he likely would have prevented the cancer from returning. When he was diagnosed a final time in 2007 the delay caused by fighting insurance to cover his PET scan caused the diagnosis to come too late. He passed in November 2007.

I also want to stress the importance of binders and regular bowel movements when doing any type of detoxing. Without binders your system can become overwhelmed with toxins and they can be reabsorbed into your body making you feel sick. I think this blog does a good job discussing binders. Also, as mentioned above, make sure your bowels are moving regularly to help expel any toxins so they don't get reabsorbed.

It is imperative that you order your Essiac from a reputable source. There are many products on the market claiming to be Essiac, but very few actual contain the right herbs in the correct quantities. I have found this site to be of high quality and very reputable. This is where I order my Essiac from. They offer two types of Essiac. A weaker 10% sheep sorrel version is what I purchased (pictured below) as I am only trying to prevent cancer. The 25% sheep sorrel formula is much stronger.


I hope this info helps someone. At the very least it will help me be able to easily share the info in the future without typing it up over and over again!

FYI: I am not a medical doctor. This info isn't intended to diagnose or treat a medical condition.

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