Day 2 - What did I do !

in #blog2 years ago

Day 2 of my journey and already I am a day late writing my reflection, okay well this time I had an excuse...

The morning started well, I think.. it's incredible that just one day after already I have forgotten my morning.
[pauses for reflection]

Let's start with what I remember, Bran flakes and a banana .... okay then I decided to try and apply for a couple of jobs. This time instead of my usual LinkedIn search I used craigslist, don't know why, just wondered if it would yield different results. I spent around 1.5 -2 hours doing that. It involved researching the company, sending the application and then seeing who I should connect to on linkedin who may have some info on the role.

Once that was out the way I opened up and started doing some training. A little while later and one of the mornings jobs had already emailed me back with a challenge, I had to copy a sketch mockup pixel for pixel.
I took a short break and then went at it, I spent 2 hours on it before submitting it. I messed up big time. In my head I thought I only had 2 hours to complete it because they mentioned being timed and I read in the same email they expect a task like this to take 2 hours. So I rushed it and didn't make it mobile responsive.
After submitting it I then reread and it said there is no time limit however time taken will be taken into consideration. this pissed me off because although on a desktop I had done as asked, on a mobile it looked all squashed and overlapping.

Lesson learned. Read the instructions... So after that I left the apartment and went to Bryant Park. I took my guitar and sat on a chair in the sun and strummed some nice tunes.