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days left

I have just learned 6 hours and now
need a break...

But no time to be unproductive,
because the journey starts in just 4 weeks
and I have 2 exams, lots of paperwork and
more to do.

Towards the end of december i decided to
take a break with studying and go to australia
for work and travel.

The first points when I started to plan were:

  • apply for visa
  • book a flight
  • looking for health insurance for the time of the trip.

the list gets longer by the day:

even though there are
only 10-15 points. To do these points you have to do
many other things but I try not to go crazy: P

I count the days but the time is so short, especially
the last two exams of this semester cost me a lot of nerves.
But after every effort comes the reward.

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