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RE: Real Life Is Calling / Signing Off For 48 hrs

in #blog3 years ago

Have much success on your real life tasks and a good and healthy rest my friend! Much fun and romantic moments with your fiancé :)
We will see us back whenever you are ready! We will wait as long as it takes - 48h are really not that much - but we will think of you. I am sure :)

Seeya with an also healthy vp ;)




Thanks dude, just wanting to announce my disappearance as it effected the contest 😅

It was a good time away, much needed as I have been non stop working and blogging the last few months again. Going to make this a thing every few weeks, put down the phone and step away completely.

We had a good couple days, ended up taking my dads truck up the mountain the first day and just Netflix and chillin the second 👍

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Netflix and chill. Aha .. Well well... xD

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