Tiny Talks: Baby Steps

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I haven't been as active on Steem as I was when I started out on the platform in September. I've been thrilled with even the slightest bit of progress I managed. It's either that or lose the courage to keep writing. There are a number of reasons for that.

My boyfriend and I bought a house together, and now that we finally have all the paperwork wrapped up, we're in the middle of moving. It's going to have a lot of space, both inside and out, for our horses and dogs.

20170926_155851 (1).jpg

And for my shoes, of course. Let's not forget those.

But before we get there, we have a lot of work to do. The house needs major renovations and we have a lot of fencing to put up before we can move the horses there.


Moving about forty kilometers also means a new job. Big changes on the horizon. And a lot of them all at once.

This means less writing time, of course, but that's only part of the reason. I've been focusing on two novels I've been working on, as well as trying to find mainstream publication venues for the short stories I've been working on. These stories will eventually find their way onto Steemit, but first, I want to get some publication credits under my belt. When I finish one of my novels, I want my name to be out there already.

@gmuxx recently wrote a post about fiction on the blockchain, and how the current climate has affected his choices as a writer. Many people have weighed in on that post and agreed with him, but really, it was a decision I'd already made months ago. Recent events have merely helped my resolve to keep my stories off of Steemit for now. But for now is not the same as forever. :-)

Both as an artist and a writer of fiction and poetry, I'm done writing for myself. I want my work to be read, and I don't mean to say that you all don't count as readers. But publishing a piece on Steemit means that that particular piece is no longer eligible for a mainstream publication, except as a reprint.

You'll all just need to be a bit more patient if you want to read a new story of mine.


Of course, I'll continue the TinyTeaches and TinyReads series, as soon as I have some time to catch my breath. And I'll keep you all posted of my progress.

I'll keep writing in baby steps, whenever I have time, even if it's only twenty words on my phone during my lunch break. ;-)



If you would like to read some of my work, feel free to have a look around on my off-Steem blog page by clicking the banner. My library there contains all of the pieces I’ve written since starting my blockchain adventure.

About the INKubator

As a writer, finding the right community–the right tribe–makes all the difference.

For me, that’s the INKubator. I’m one of the admins there, and I have to say I’ve never been more proud of something I helped build, than I am of the INKubator.

We help each other improve, lovingly drown each other’s drafts in red ink, and help each other brainstorm.

But we’re more than a writing club. We’re a family. We root for each other as we submit pieces for various publication venues.

We cheer and join in victory dances when a piece is accepted.

We support each other through the disappointment of the inevitable rejections.

We hang out, playing as hard as we work, and from the madness of our conversations, more stories are born.

As a community, we span the globe, with members from Asia, Australia, Europe and the US, so chances are there will be someone there if you should decide to drop in.

If we’re quiet, that’s because we’re writing.

If you love writing, we'd love to meet you!

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I am simply thrilled you guys are getting to do this! It'll be a ton of work but in the end it's yours and what you make it. I love those pictures of your horses! Talk about personality. :D

I'm thrilled too. But I'll be even thrilleder next year when we have floors and plumbing.

You aren't the only one who hasn't been active lately. My Steem time is down to a few minutes a day (which is, luckily, all it takes me to throw together one of these "random Japan" posts that I've been doing) and my discord time has disappeared for the past few weeks.

Ah, life... a harsh mistress. Need more hours in the day. If governments want to be useful, I propose they tackle that issue.

Anyway, it is nice to read an update from you. I hope the new house and move go well. And best of luck with the novels. I look forward to reading them whenever possible.

Lol. I have managed to slowly tick away at those. The fantasy novel I worked on for Camp Nano sits at slightly over 18000 words in the first draft now. So it feels like I may finish it some day. :-D Will keep you posted.

I'm glad to see you're OK, if busy.


I'm so excited for you and David about making this move. At the same time I dread your absence at The Writers' Block, however long (or brief) it turns out to be. You're such an integral part of our family. Still, it sounds like this move is progress on several fronts. I can't wait to see pics of the new place!

I dread it too!!! But it's slowly creeping up on me anyway. I'll be back though! Hugs

You go girl!

Lots of stuff going on, I can confirm it absorbs all of your time. Keep your priorities straight and give all of those fine animals a nice home!