SBI Giveaway #4! 2 winners will be chosen! Upvote, resteem, comment, and follow!

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How to Enter

  1. Follow @treepi.
  2. Upvote this post.
  3. Re-Steem this post.
  4. Leave a comment down below with your guess of the Steem price on January 1, 2020.

Thats it! Winners will be chosen randomly at post payout! I will make a video while picking the winners as I did with the last 2 giveaways.


1st prize - 20 SBI
2nd prize - 5 SBI

Good luck to all who enter!

Congrats to @buchitus and @portlandhippie who won my last giveaway! Hope to see both of ya'll here again!

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And finally, thank you to previous participants. I will tag you all in case you want to enter again!
@qwerrie @sunravelme @golddeck @bitandi @monsterbuster @gramesh @yorra @kelpy @parth7878 @issymarie @barmbo @investinthefutur @kirstin @wanderingmoon @dragonblades @threejay @travoved @blog-beginner @gamemods @eli @richatvns @lesmann


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I believe it will reach 0.2$

I'm hoping for $0.25 by Christmas. That's very optimistic. But, nothing wrong with that right?

I would have said 0.2$ myself if eng had not beat me to the punch so I'm going to say 0.21$

Welcome back!

I'm going to send you some SBI just for being here every giveaway haha. I'll send you some on Friday. Maybe sooner if I buy more Steem before then! :)

Awesome thanks!

Np! Gotta keep peoples engaged right?

@golddeck just sent you 8 SBI for being a good follower haha

Btw, you just won 20 more haha. I'm posting the video now. I shit talked domhete a bit too lol.

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Check this out @treepi...

The randomly drawn winner is:

🎉 bitandi 🎉

This bot is powered by witness @untersatz!

Oooh fancy! I did not know about this.

Where is it choosing from?

The comments on this post. You can also specify a number of winners too. Check it out...I coded it :)

What the fuck is your problem with downvote?

And please downvote me some more. It hurts sooo much. xDD

Thanks @meesterboom I'm on your downvote trail. ;)

Lol, I just noticed!

:P The bidbotters are getting a bit salty. I used to be one myself to boost my content a bit. But, it's better for all of us if they are gone.

It is, it's a big change but I reckon the platform would just have died had it gone on the way it was!

Yeah I agree! Now we just need to get the Steem price back up. Once SMTs and communities arrive, I have a feeling we'll be doing a whole lot better then.

I bloody hope so, lol!

Huh? I follow downvote trails that downvote bidbot users. So, you must be bidbotting if youre getting downvotes from me.

Watch your mouth tough guy.

So what is your problem? How this affect you?Did you suck milk from your father instead from your mother?

It affects me because bidbots destroy the rewards pool. You're stealing from creators that actually deserve the rewards. Garner your upvotes in a natural way instead of paying for them. If your content is valuable people will reward it. The whole point of the latest hardfork and NewSteem is to get rid of these bidbots because they're toxic to the entire ecosystem for the long term.

This is a content creation platform. You get rewarded for creating good content. It's not a pay to play/get rich quick scheme. Sorry.

Btw, nice insults. You're on your way to having every one of your posts downvoted by me if you keep that up. Grow up you immature cry baby. What are you 12?

I have a bad news for you.As long as bots exist, they will be used(not only by me).And YOU can't do nothing;only the THEAM behind Steem can stop this simply by baning or delete bots account!😉.

Hahahahah! Yes I can do something. I can downvote. And I will continue to do so. Also, most have ceased their operation since HF 21, so you're wrong. There's only a fraction of bidbots compared to what used to exist. So, have fun wasting your money bud. Good luck.

Says a lot about your character, too. You obviously produce nothing of value or you wouldn't use them. But anyways, good luck again. I also invite you to downvote all of my posts and comments. I would appreciate it. I'll probably get more upvotes because of it.

Btw, they cant ban or delete bot accounts. They don't have that power and it's nearly impossible to do that without centralizing things. They can and have disincentivized it though which is why they will be gone very soon.

I will create another account, just for bit bot find new account and downvote me.😉.Also I will use a 24$ bit bot.Downvote this.

Trust me I will. And I won't be the only one. Have fun.

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