The Cat in a Tub is apparently a Racist

in #bloglast year (edited)

Tub Cat is quite open about His opinions on things

But to date, this Most Pleasantly Smelling Feline hasn’t greatly offended many of the various unwashed humans on the Steemit platform.

So the Meticulously Cleaned Cat was surprised to discover that a human of questionable odour had taken great offence to one of The Cat in a Tub’s comments on their posts.

Tub Cat often leaves comments on the creative creations of the unwashed masses. The Cat of Unquestionable Cleanliness does so to ensure that the masses of foul smelling flesh bags receive pleasant or not so pleasant reminders that the Cat of Godlike Cleanliness is watching. And ever present on the Steem Blockchain. And the unwashed masses should pay heed to His presence.

This poorly smelling human, known on the Steemit platform as @meryem-byl, did not receive the Tub Cat’s comment well. Rather they created a post to alert the unwashed masses to the Tub Cat’s apparent racism towards the utterly disgusting species known as dogs.

Racism against dogs.

Wouldn’t a hatred of an entire species be specieism (especially given that this is a hatred of a species that isn’t your own)? Is specieism a thing? Tub Cat thinks it should be. Tub Cat hates dogs. And will not hide this fact. Once Tub Cat reaches god like status, he will indeed wipe dogs off the face of this planet. Humans already serve the Cat of Constant Moistness. So it cannot be long before this Cat becomes a god.

Well, The Cat in a Tub must retire back to his Tub now. He simply wanted to share this amusing tale with the unwashed masses of Steemit.

Don’t be a Tub Dog, and have a great Christmas, Steemit.



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U are a sick mind who pretend he’s a cat in tub or I dunno 🥴u are like a spam , u saying thing that make no sense , woah wait are u robot 🤖!! Well I think someone broke yr wires that’s why u spamming
PS : here a cut in the tub
enjoy yr mice an yr nice upvote robot

Human, how could the mighty Tub Cat be a robot? He is a Cat. And a Cat of great intellect indeed.

This Cat is quite confident that you have the intellect of a dog. The ever powerful Tub Cat does not spam. He communicates in a genuine and honest manner at all times.

Enjoy your end of year celebrations, human of questionable odour.

Change yr wires robot🔧 🤖 u are spamming a lot 😂

Yes. I agree; it would be called speciesism rather than racism. And when I started typing this comment and noticed that the word speciesism wasn't underlined in red, I did a quick search and found out that it is actually a thing.

Cats are indeed superior to dogs. There's no question about it.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this.

Merry Christmas, Happy Caturday! Enjoy your time spent in the tub!

!CATtip 200

No question indeed, human. Tub Cat must investigate these CAT tokens further. He has never looked into Steem Engine tokens before.

Merry Christmas to you and your Cats. I hope you serve them well today.

The CAT tokens are from @catnet. That's the best place to start your investigation. All the information is on his profile.

@saboin is sending you a tip of 200CAT

My dog is so compassionate around my cats...who are ancient, he never growls at them for sleeping on his dog bed, play with his tail or rub up against his head, which for some odd reason they do, even the feral cat who most people don't even realize I own two cats as he hides if anyone else comes around. He was born feral in garage next door, I took him in as a kitten when he decided I was more favorable to be around on the fourth of July then outside with the fireworks, but outside of the dog I am his one and only trusted the other cat is much like you, you have to be granted permission to approach/ is also he who manages to sneak out of the door every once in awhile though she knows she is to old to be defending herself against other felines anymore...which is why I think I often find her curled in a sunspot on the porch not far from the dog....whose (obviously) granted the dog the right to be her body guard.

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