Who doesn't like making money on their blogs?

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I don't expect anyone to agree with me 100% of the time. Heck. My wife and I bump heads on some things, but it never gets nasty or comes to blows.

One of our biggest discussions lately has been over what to name our orange kitten. She calls him Nomi. I just call him whatever happens to be appropriate at the time. Cats know their names but tend to ignore you because they're cats.


I don't check my e-mail probably as much as I should and am often surprised by some of the things I find there.

Recently I saw a reply from an article that I'd written a month ago (the one at the bottom of the photo).

Screenshot from 2020-07-04 08-01-10.png

Consider yourself unfollowed.

This person must have had at least one article that I thought was interesting else I would not have subscribed. Oh, well.

Are we not all on these platforms to generate a little income? There are some people who make huge amounts of money with their blogs and videos, there are some that make decent amounts and there are some - like me - that make pennies. I think we all want the same thing: to say what we want and make a little coin. Why would you tell someone that you didn't want their support because they don't have the same beliefs that you do?

Having traveled some in my life, I've seen signs like this here and there.


People who fly these signs apparently don't want money from a certain segment of the populace. As a business owner, I think that I would like to generate all the income that I could even if I had to serve people that I considered seedy. But that's just me.

As far as the top response, I probably should have ignored it and moved on.


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Don't read the comments... i am scared of comments actually so try not to read them

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