Internet Fasting Day 2 - Massive progress!

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As I mentioned yesterday, I've been limiting my internet use to work/study until 9 PM every day, mostly in order to get over my youtube addiction and to avoid peoples bad moods weighing heavy on me when I have other things to do. I still spend a lot of time near the computer but it's been so much more productive!

On my first day after deciding to do this, I felt a burst of energy and used it to write for 2 hours, reviewed the first 10 chapters of my novel and finished filling in some blanks.

Today I had a class in the morning and then spent some time working on my freelance profile. I improved it a whole lot and made it much more straightforward and honest so that any student who replies is already going to understand how I am different from other teachers.

Aside from that I stretched a whole lot and discovered what may be the root cause of why my back problems haven't cleared up hip. I usually avoid my hip because there doesn't seem to be anywhere that feels right when I massage it. Well I massaged anyway for 10 minutes and the channels all opened up and I can tell very clearly now IT IS SORE! I found that I could massage my hip and butt a lot better by lying directly on the massage ball. I can't wait to see the improvements after a week of this.

So three big things in two days. I kind of want to keep going right now with my novel but I need to spend some more time on my body so I think I'll exercise a bit more.

I feel like I've gone from 30% ideal state to 40% ideal state but I am sure it will get better in the coming days cause I started my first day with a total lack of sleep.

I also talked to a friend about doing a podcast show together. She may have even joined hive, apparently she is reading my posts regularly now. Let's see how long before she introduces herself :-D

I've fallen behind on the Deadpost Initiative, I'll make an exception to do that tomorrow.

I totally recommend cutting out anything that you find distracts you cold-turkey for most of the day and allowing yourself to indulge only certain hours. It's working wonders for me.


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