Gimme Tha Power by Molotov un himno para pueblos latinoamericanos" hymn for Latin America".

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Con el permiso del gran pueblo Mexicano, este gran tema debe ser un himno para latinoamerica, y cada pueblo que copia modelos de películas balurdas y vacías, que mezclan los mas bajos y terribles sentimientos de personajes que solo muestran la cara mas podrida de una sociedad.

Por que no, copiamos los buenos modelos, escuchen este temazo, wuao quien no se identifica con esta cultura tan destructiva de algunos gobiernos.

Pareciera que el caos es rentable para una minoría, quien es precisamente la que la gran mayoría e las veces tiene el poder.


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With the permission of the great Mexican people, this great theme should be a hymn for Latin America, and each people who copies models of Balurdas and empty films, which mix the lowest and terrible feelings of characters that only show the most rotten face of a society .

Why not, copy the good models, listen to this "temazo", Wuao who does not identify with this culture so destructive of some governments.

It seems that chaos is profitable for a minority, who is precisely the one that the vast majority and the times have the power.

There are no recommendations or requests, it is only necessary to awaken the collective consciousness


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You are right, it was my mistake, and in addition I had doubts if people really looked at the contents.
Thanks for the recomendation..

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