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Hello friends of steemit, I have already 6 months since I emigrated to BRAZIL, I am Venezuelan, as everyone knows, many Venezuelans have had to emigrate and it is not easy to leave their land and adapt to another culture, because it is not the same as you leave because you want that the situation forces you to do it.

My experience in this country has been beautiful, although the culture and the language are different, one is learning, when I emigrated they told me that the Portuguese was similar to Spanish, you learn that you will understand quickly, but really when you are here you don't understand almost anything, because some words in Spanish here the meaning is not the same, and they speak quickly that many times it seems that they were speaking to you in Chinese.

but despite all that I liked it because here they are very receptive to foreigners, and it seems to me an excellent country, I have learned about its culture, its gastronomy and already prepare some traditional foods from here, I am thankful to God for knowing this country, and learn the language.

I have been adapting to changes, respecting their culture, people, and thankful for opening the doors to live here.

God bless this beautiful nation,
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