Why we (men) should never fight each other for them (women).

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Do athletes crash bottles of beer on each others faces even on disastrous defeats?

Why should we?

You know, women just love to see us (men) fight for them, it’s great for their egos. Some of them simply like to play with us, and manipulate situations on their behalf. This is not a “bad” behavior, it’s just humans being humans. And believe me, there is nothing more human than women, and there is nothing more human than men.

Is always about how solid your game is. Isn't about how big our di$%& are, or how many money we can expend on one night, or how famous we are (although those things are definitely great factors), or how threatening you look. Well grounded game generate consistent results, risk takers might even wanna make her boyfriend to buy them a drink, while pick up her number or Instagram, human being humans.

Whenever she rationalize why to choose you she it’s going to plan strategies to put you on the places she want, why?, because they have so many triggers on their emotional system that cannot be verbalized, and that sometimes overwhelm, or can even scare them. So they measure your social skills and calculate their capacity of control that can have over you, for their own safety, comfort zone, or just to fu#$ up men.

Why men have to act like it’s a war between us?, are we still apes?

Not at all, we have great tools and knowledge now. We don’t have to play the fool for them because we can communicate not only with their rational side, but on the emotional and unconscious level, and we should always play on that level, managing frustration, and moving focus towards our goals.

But never NEVER fight for a women.

Be the wingman you want for you, with that stranger that is struggling gaming some lady, and you will learn a lot more than fighting with him. Cooperation it’s way more powerful than competition.

Hope you find your way!