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RE: A Letter To My Readers :)

in #blog3 years ago

wow, if i wouldn't know the truth of when you started here , i mean without looking on your profile , i would have thought that you have been on this platform for ao long, having your quality posts , your reputation score and all of the elements of steemit , it just all shows that you are really doing a great job on this one 👏

I am so grateful to havemet you here on this platform , you are one of those people who havebeen supporting meeversince i started my journey here . I really havelove you since the beginning , not just because your name is the same as my sister @avhyaceulip's, but because i felt that we have connection and that it will last long.

Thanks miss Abi for all the support for me , the minis and my sister , thank you is not enough, it has been a big reason for us why we continue steeming , really.

I wish all the best in your steemit journey , more blessings and happiness everyday.

We love you sooo much @abigail-dantes ❤️❤️❤️😘


You have always been so loving towads me my dear @zephalexia. You never fail to support and engage with my work. I find no words to thank you for that. It is because I meet people like you that I enjoy this place so much and keep going!! We do have a connection, don’t we?! 😊😍❤️

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