What Constitute Plagiarism

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For Bloggers knowing what constitutes Plagiarism is important.


Plagiarism is the "wrongful appropriation" and "stealing and publication" of another author's "language, thoughts, ideas, or expressions" and the representation of them as one's own original work.

Plagiarism is not in itself a crime.
It is not yet punished or defined by law.
It becomes a crime when you are subjected to copyrights infringement.

Plagiarism is defined, punished and regulated by institutions such as publishing companies, educational institutions, professional associations, and other commercial entities.

Originally this term was used in schools especially when submitting a thesis, term papers, research or basic assignments.
Although the internet was not popular during those days teachers and institutions have a knack of knowing who is cheating and who is copying.

The Internet has made researching and cheating much easier.
The Internet also made much easier to scan plagiarism.
There are tools and software available to check your works if you are committing a crime of "stealing".
If you are considering your work and making it your business then you have to be always careful with Plagiarism and Copyright Infringements.
It may not bother you now, but when they know they can collect from you they will start to haunt you.

How about common knowledge and anonymous.

Depending on the regulators which is which you still have to follow the rules.
Sometimes common is not so common after all.

Like the song of the Beatles "Yesterday" which was sung by many artists and performers alike, it was a very popular song then.
When you sing this song or write about this song today you might be caught with copyright infringement or plagiarism.
I believe that will depend on the system of today.

YouTube and FB make most of the content go viral with many views and clicks because of the sharing of contents.
But you never mention where you got what you share you just click like, then click share, if you still have time you make comments, it is that easy.
Does that mean the content is owned by YouTube and FB?
We are not punished because we did not earn anything, but I guess if we are getting something we will be penalized.

It is a good idea to learn the basic rules and regulation on a certain platform you want to join which constitute plagiarism.

Here in Steemit, there is a flag and bots that notify and do the work of searching for Plagiarism.
So be very extra careful.

Regards to everybody.

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Great post @jackramsey and would be great if more people and even whales that have more power and experience on here spoke and join the conversation about this issue.

I see a lot of people and groups (that try to be the police force on the platform), tagging and commenting people's posts of being spam or being on a 'blacklist' for having constant plagiarism content on the platform.

The issue is that those people keep posting and being around because there isn't a more hard penalty. If a more immediate policy was in place like for example 3 warnings and after that shut down the account. That would be a more clear message​ for people not even try to post content from others and also make the platform a more clean and better place.

Guidelines and recommendations should be provided to offenders.
Then penalties for repeating.

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You are very correct, I think here on Steemit a lot of people are guilt of copying images without credit to whom credit is due. Some don't even regard it as been an offense. People need a lot of education like the one you just offered. Kudos.

Once in awhile we need to remind others

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Plagiarism has long been around and I don't really think it can be stopped but effort can be made to reduce it

Reducing it will help

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