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What Is Publish0x

Publish0x is a website where anyone can join to read posts on any number of topics. These range from ICO's, mining, price analysis & predictions, technology, and general discussion.

screen_capture 20200202_82639_pm.png

The site offers a tip pool paid into from sponsors of the site sponsors currently include Hydro, Brave, Bounty0x, and DAI. When you read an article you'll find a slider bar like the one pictured above. You can slide the little blue button to the right to pay more to the author or to the left to pay more to yourself. This payment does not come from you it is from the pool on the site.

Once you get to the minimum required withdrawal amount you can move your funds into your own personal wallet. It makes it a really unique website. As you never have to send money to Publish0x but are able to withdraw the funds from the site!

to tip authors and you can withdraw your funds to your own personal wallet, and it is 100% free to join!

The payment page looks like this (shown below).
Payment page Pub0x.png As you can see the sponsors I mentioned earlier in the post are shown and once you hit the minimum payout the withdraw buttons turn blue.

Some other cool things to mention about Publish0x, if you like to write you can apply to become an author on the site. It is in Beta currently and the author positions are limited but anyone can join to read stories give and receive tips.

Once a tip is given the slider at the bottom of the page looks like this.
screen_capture 20200202_82841_pm.png You won't be able to tip again for 8.5 minutes and you can't tip the same author for 24 hours. This is just so people can't game the system. The future of social media and informational websites are changing and to me, it's a really exciting change.

The current system for people to get paid for their content is to have intrusive ads all over their sites that cause slow load speeds and make it almost impossible tor read the article that you went there for.

With cryptocurrency making its way into the mainstream we are coming up with better ways to tip and earn for giving our own attention! Brave has been huge with this and the Basic Attention Token (BAT). I think these changes help to save our privacy, time and help us to earn a few cents for doing what we already do for free, might as well stop being a product and earn a few cents in the process right?

To get back on track there is also an Ambassador program where you can invite others and get bonuses. If you join through someone else you get a bonus for doing that instead of just signing up yourself and you'll earn a little more when the person reads articles and gives tips.

It is similar to SteemIt except there are 4 possible coins to earn, and you can't be downvoted. Of course, if your articles aren't any good you won't make any tips. If you are a good writer that adds value and good information go sign up to become an author. A little tip there are a lot of authors that signed up to write about crypto and the last one was denied so if you want to become a writer there is a signup form that you can see from your dashboard.

screen_capture 20200202_8433_pm.png

Your dashboard looks like this (shown above). You'll see settings then if you look where mine says blogs yours would say apply to be an author. Then the rest of the dashboard is the same minus the posts tab. You can see at a glance how many tokens you have and be able to navigate around with just a click of the mouse.

You can also share any article you want from the site. Here is the cool thing about that, you share an article that you really like on your Facebook, Twitter, and SteemIt account when you copy the URL add your specific tracking tag to the end of the URL and when people read the post and start navigating the site if they join you get the credit!

Another difference between Publish0x and other sites is you can actually earn just for reading if you don't want to become a writer and I don't really blame you we do enough writing you don't have to in order to get rewards. Simply just go reading and earn you some extra BAT or DAI. To get the Bounty0x token you have to join the Bounty0x platform I haven't done that yet myself so I can't really offer any insight into it. I just joined in December and just signed up to be an author last week. I was approved on Friday my first post was published Friday 01/30/2020 and it was just an introduction post.

So I can't really offer any insight into what types of content will get the most attention yet or not, my intro post got some comments and tips and all that but so far that is all I have got accomplished there. With work, school, kids, and trying to get this app finished I don't know where I still find the time to come write a few lines across all my social networks as is, but I do and I try my best to keep anyone that cares updated!

I hope you'll go give Publish0x a try and earn you some tips for reading some articles about how to build a miner or the next big crypto that is going to take the world by storm or newest technology hitting the market. Whatever your interests are there will be something for you there! Do you like airdrops?
Bounties? That's all over there too.

Let me know what you think about the future of the internet if you think cryptocurrency is a good thing or not. What are your opinions about Justin Sun's new Torch project or Orchids VPN? These are the things that are going to completely change the internet in my opinion. They now have website domains that are built on the blockchain so Google and Bing aren't able to mess with algorithms to stop traffic from getting to certain sites because they disagree with the content therein, so I really think it is an exciting time and in the next ten years crypto will be used by everyone.


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