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RE: Does blogging make you rich if done in a perfect strategy..?

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I am not sure I can think of many people who became millionaires by Blogging! I mean yes many rich people now blog and some vlogger are doing very well but I don't think it was just their blog that led to their financial success. If you think of it the internet only got practically usable in the last 15 years or so. Having said that, all power to you for making your riches blogging. I love reading so I fully appreciate the time and energy that goes in creating a good content :)


Hey lucy.

I see a lot of success stories that flood the internet with. Few months back, I read how Harsh Agarwal(Indian Blogger) became rich by starting his own blog and earns his passive income just from affiliate marketing. And now, he is successful in his blog -

You might know Neil Patel. He has also set up his own blog to earn a passive income. He also mentioned in his blog that he didn't have minimum money to pay for domain registering, instead he paid for his domain by borrowing credit card of his pal.

So yeah, everything belongs with your judgement. Either take Blogging or just be as your are. Everything is upto you.