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When brushing your teeth or when you eat blood, it is believed that gingivitis is usually found in the gums. The bacteria that are present in our mouth produce a kind of adhesive plating mixed with food, which is called dental plaque or tooth. If this brush is not cleaned regularly when brushing the tooth, it produces inflammation in the stomach for a long time, the swelling of the stomach and blood flow out.

  • To prevent the inflammation of the mouth, face should be clean every day. With a fluoride-associated toothpaste, you should brush your teeth after each meal. Before brushing teeth at night, the dental floss (a type of silk yarn) should be brought out from the teeth of two teeth. In addition, bacterial liquid mouthwash can be used.

  • If you suddenly start using new dental floss or using a new type of floss, there is no diversion of blood from the gums. Using Dental Floss takes a while to become a habit.

  • If the toothbrush is more decayed or scrawny or brush with a broken toothbrush, it may cause injury to the blood due to the bleeding. It is not good to use a toothbrush for more than six months.

  • Those who smoke or use Jarda Gul, their inflammation is twice as big as others. Due to the use of smoking and tobacco, it is also late to dry the wheezing or inflammation.

  • Due to other diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, heartburn, cancer, liver and kidney diseases, the inflammation of the gums is also high. These diseases reduce the resistance to the body. They need to be more careful. It is good to have dental scaling and testing within six months. Mental disorders, allergic and hypertension medicines create facial dryness and the inflammation of the mouth is greater. To maintain the moisture in the face, regular dried fruit (Amalki, orange, grapefruit, Amber, lemon juice, kamaranga, olive, plum etc.) and drinking lots of water is good.

  • It is very well known problem of blood transfusion from the gums during pregnancy. Because, this time the gums become sensitive. After eating three months of pregnant mothers, use teeth brush and bacterial mouthwash and regular dental checkup should be done.

  • Blood clotting diseases such as: If you have hemophilia or blood transfusion medicine (Aspirin, Clopid), then there may be bleeding from the gums without the problems of gums.images_1525721073907.jpeg

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Teeth is our main organ in my mouth. Thanks for your useful & usable post.

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