Making a living vinegar

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Making a Living Vinegar

Using the remaining Fermented Plant Juice solids

I used the strained Fermented Plant Juice(FPJ) solids, from my recent fermented plant juice extracts, and added 2 parts water to 1 part of the FPJ liquid return, and a vinegar mother(2-4oz ).

In this case I had very low returns and lots of sugar left in the material, so I went with 2 parts water to 1 part FPJ plant material.


  • Yes, I used a ceramic coffee cup, without coffee stains, as a weight.

I covered with a breathable lid, and secured with a rubber band.


I placed in a cool, dark spot in my cabinet.


I will keep this there for three to six months since I added a Mother Culture from an ACV. Otherwise, this process will take 6 months or more without adding a mother culture.

When this is done, I will strain with a fine mesh, like a nut bag into a sterilized jar. Sealing with a air tight lid.

This is one of many inputs that I will be using for an upcoming type of Compost called IMO4.


(Video from Chris Trump's YouTube channel.)

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