Hello Blurt.world!

in #blurt9 months ago (edited)

I'm actually quite amazed that the time has finally come.

Blurt has officially forked, but what are we going to do with our new site and new communities? It is just going to be a repeat of HIVE/ STEEM or are we going to pave a new path and new direction entirely? We can't say for certain but I would have to guess that there is going to be a lot of cross posting in the beginning.

Starting over from scratch is going to be hard for a lot of people too, I noticed that everyone is starting with a blank slate or no followers, no posts, nothing but the Blurt tokens they distribute.

Which exchanges will agree to list blurt? That is another big question that is still up in the air but I would assume that major exchanges will at least let us withdraw the tokens. At this point there may be more questions than answers so I will have to just wait and see like everyone else!

It seems that blurt.world is having some issues so I am going to try and post this from blurtter.com instead!