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Good morning/evening everybody

If you are already aware there are different approaches being made by developers and we are getting different forked chains of Steem. Hive is one of them. While the buzz of another two forked chain has been buzzing around for some time and I suppose like others I was excited as well.


Honestly, I still do not have much clearance about how this project will move on forward and what is the basic roadmap of it. The Devs, I suppose are working their best and making it a running chain where users will get something by investing their time in there.


Few of the information which really concerns me about Blurt are :

  • No Downvotes
  • Blurt is the only currency (No backed up Tokens, like SBD/HBD)
  • Every transaction has a 0.05 blurt fee

Now coming to the big questions, whenever there come opportunities, people always find ways to miss use them. I ain't an expert nor am I a developer, I am just a normal user who is sharing his thoughts about what I am seeing and have seen.


If any Spam goes on within the chain or anybody thinks of rap**ing the reward pool, there will be no proper way to stop that person. With a big stake within the chain, any person can manipulate the earnings without even holding back.

The only tokens that we will get as our payouts from our contents are Liquid Blurt & as BP (100% can be done from the post I suppose)

Each trx will cost 0.05 Blurt Fees. So each time I upvote, each trx I make on the chain it will cost me my money. So I will have to keep liquid money in my wallet in order to make any sort of transactions within the chain. So this will reduce spam or shall it stop many new users to post or do actions at all?

I have so many things to clear up and tbh any new fork is great to have and as a content creator, I would definitely give my time into it, if it really shows some possibilities for myself and my investment (time/money/content) to grow in the future.

I am still trying to break the puzzles to the above questions and honestly anyone who has some clear idea about what is happening please do share your thoughts in the comment section below. The 3 points that can concern me please educate me and correct me if I am wrong in any place.

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