Thugs of Hindustan

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Read this crap to the last page, i can't really understand why this book is such a best seller. A killer boasting about and loving his profession of strangling 700 men, caught and tortured at times yet follows his instinct of killing innocent people without showing any mercy. Ameer Ali his name is and i don't know how he is gonna be portrayed in 'THUGS OF HINDUSTAN' not as this book explains him for sure. A villain will again be presented as a hero by bollywood. #THUGSOFHINDUSTAN


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In India in coming months new movie " Thugs Of Hindustan " gonna release. So after watching trailer of movie i am curious about the story of movie. This movie based on history of thugs in india from the time of British empire. In this book history of the thugs is written which is filmed in this movie.
The movie trailer inspire me to read this book .