DHS / Federal Reserve / U.S. Treasury = TOV Bonds / 1934 Federal Reserve Bonds = No Such Bonds Ever Existed?

in #bondslast month

"What does TVM-LSM-666 stand for?"

"TVM-LSM-666 refers to the Treaty of Versailles and the TOV Bonds issued as a conclusion of the Treaty of Versailles."

"It was when I added the 2 quadrillion in 1934 docs that Koos "bailed""

"I am holding Treaty of Versailles Bonds worth more than 2 quadrillion"

"Sturgess is wrong 1934 gold certificates in the Global Debt Facility are worth quadrillions"

"Police videos showed images of the trunks, with “Federal Reserve System, Treaty of Versailles” stamped on the side in large, golden letters.

Bond certificates marked “Chicago, Illinois, Federal Reserve Bank” and other securities, some for one billion dollars, were also shown."

"They rested atop stacks of certificates purporting to have been issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta in 1934 and redeemable in gold bullion. The notes bore the signature of then Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr."

"Sale claims that Keenan and his accomplices fraudulently gained possession of the bonds from the OITC. Importantly, neither of the two parties contesting ownership of the bonds dispute their validity."

"Joseph Riad claims the 15 bonds came from three ultra-rare “sealed and certified bronze boxes,” each of which contains 245 $1 billion 1934 Federal Reserve Bonds."

"Riad contacted BPD official Donna Ayers, she “categorically denied the existence of bonds such as plaintiff’s bonds,” according to the complaint."

"Approximately one week after his meeting with plaintiff … Agent Jones contacted plaintiff via email and advised him that his bonds were not authentic"

"The Federal Reserve is aware of several scams involving high denomination Federal Reserve notes and bonds, often in denominations of 100 million or 500 million dollars, dating back to the 1930s, usually 1934. In each of these schemes, fraudulent instruments are claimed to be part of a long-lost supply of recently discovered Federal Reserve notes or bonds."


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