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RE: #BonsaiNews: Hugely popular bonsai species, Juniper Procumbens, transformed

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Really liked it as a cascade, especially in that beautifully contrasting blue pot. Fundamentalists might say the pot is too pretty for the tree. Bah!

However, you have been rapidly redesigning this tree into something new. I think it will take a long while to get it into a presentable form, but I think you can do it.

I have a hard time with this kind of prickly juniper. The tips are always crisping up and yellowing, and it's so sharp I almost never want to prune it. Pinching it is best, but painful! I think I'm doing everything wrong with it. It might be the type of tree that grows better in ground in my climate. They grow practically everywhere in people's yard landscapes with zero maintenance.


I loved it as a cascade as well. But I have high hopes for this tree's future and as for the pot, yes. Way too good for the tree itself but it will grow into it.

I kid you not, I was bleeding while working on this tree. Strangely, my junipers don't brown at all unless of course they start dying. This has only happened twice before. The junipers I have are mostly a dark shade of green, however some have turned dark a shade of dark blue/green.

The below tree (same species) is now four years old and was worked on last weekend - in recovery at the moment (I'll take a new photo of it and post in the morning to show what it looks like now). Should also take a good few years to be near presentation-worthy. I do love the slight curve it has and will at a later stage continue to add another bend to it.


The last one I worked one before any of them, I am going to try and turn into something resembling the below bonsai.


Also, still years away from resembling anything of the sort but as always, we have to start early on. This is what it looked like before I put it in a larger pot


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