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New Bonus System Introduction

You can now buy bonuses with CUPZ tokens.

Our first Bonus offer

  • Purchase a 5 Steem bonus with 100,000 CUPZ tokens.
  • Wager 20x the bonus (100 Steem) and get 5 Steem paid back as a bonus.

You can currently buy 100,000 CUPZ tokens on Steem-Engine for 3 Steem or you can use the CUPZ tokens you generate by playing Cupz games at a rate of 500 Tokens per Steem wagered. That means after completing your first bonus you will have generated 50,000 Cupz tokens so you would only need 50,000 more for the next bonus.


  • All games except Three Cupz count towards Steem wagered
  • Dice games must have a probability of less than 67% to qualify for the offer
  • Only one bonus per player can be purchased/used at a time (you are welcome to purchase another after a bonus has been completed)

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I don't get it. Where on cupz do I get my bonus of 5 steem for 100k cupz? Or must I log in first?

On the home page there is a Bonus Panel with a button to purchase the bonus. You may need to refresh/clear cache on the page

Cool I'll do it later, the Steemconnect isn't working from my android mobil. What are you going to do with the 100k cupz? So I get a 5% cup bonus on my bets or just 5 Steem?

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You get 5 Steem after wagering 100 Steem. The 100K Cupz goes towards funding the bonus.

Very great cupz bonus @jonsey. Always good to see all the new implementations with @cupz. Great day through-out.

Thanks for you kind words, always good to see you playing

You are very welcome. Great day to you.


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