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Hi All,

This post is a book review on a fiction novel I recently finished called New York Dead by Stuart Woods.


This book was one that I had on my list to read for a while, as it is the first in the Stone Barrington series. Stone has a James Bond type persona and some of these books have been made in to movies.

In New York Dead, the background pieces on Stone’s life from other novels can be put together to start to get more clear picture of Stone. He starts out the book as a Detective in the New York police department, and ends up being “of counsel” to a prestigious law firm. The novel centers around a homicide and Stone’s investigation, and, when he is forced to medically retire from the police department, he ends up solving the case as a private citizen.

The book is fast paced, and has quite a few twists and turns. Stone is a ladies man, and the novel did have a few more graphic details in that regard than I was expecting, so reader beware.

All in all, a good book and a must read if you want to get into the Stone Barrington series.

Thanks for reading my review!



Great book review and now I'm curious to read Stone Barrington series.

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My grandfather who loves reading says that reading the book is always better than watching the series or movie.

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I try to learn something from every movie.I will try to learn something from the movie created with this book.Thanks @brian.rrr