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I just wanted to give my thoughts on this book.

I have not been paid or coerced in any way. My friend and fellow Steemit blogger @Antmdog after tell him about my shoulder injury back in 2017 which ultimately stopped my MMA career. I was at the point where the doctors (sports medicine specialists) had given me 3 shots of cortisone and they had me convinced that surgery was my only option. After reading the books section on shoulders I was able to ultimately correct the dysfunction in my shoulder that was causing the grinding and swelling. After about 6 weeks of the recommended physical therapy from the book (mind you I had already done physical therapy recommended by the sports medicine doctor with no results), I was healed completely. Fast forward 6 months and I injured my other shoulder in the exact same way, but with the book I was able to rehab that shoulder as well, though it still clicks and pops a bit when I bench press, yet without pain.
I am not saying that all doctors are bad and this book is a catch all, what I am saying is that before you go under the knife, you consider any and all options. Many people say that chiropractors are illegitimate doctors, I have to disagree with that as well. Several times from training I had muscle spasms in my upper back that caused pain when I turned by head. One single visit to a chiropractor that utilizes Graston and my muscle spam was cured.
Always look at all of your options for everything in life, never have a singular mind set, that is my advice anyway.


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