The Tales of Maerfrom: Dragons Rebirth Day 1: On Deck

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Authors Notes: Hi and welcome to the story I'm currently writing hope you enjoy this first chapter and I got you interested in the upcoming rest of this fantasy story. You can also read this chapter on wattpad: .Enjoy

I was standing on the deck of the Mighty Sea Dragon, the last ship of the resistance, an alliance of Human, Elves and the Zula fighting for our live against an enemy no one has ever seen before. The so called Delvon. It was about three months ago when they just appeared at Zusa the capitol of the Zula. After just a couple minutes the whole city was burned down and most of the Zula died in this attack. The remaining Zula fled either to the city of races Maefong, about 50 of them joined our crew and the rest decided to hide in small groups. That attack was just the beginning tough, there were more and more attacks and it doesn't look good. We used to have a fleet of two dozen ships, and now it's only The Mighty Sea Dragon, the last ship between the Delvon and the main land. We did our best holding them back, but it seems like we are not even causing a dent in their movement forward. These creatures are destroying everything that's in their way, every single Island. Every single innocent island, these beasts are not showing any sign of mercy willing to kill men, women, children, the elders, they don't make a difference. It's that why I am fighting, kinda weird thinking of it sometimes, me fighting to save our world, our home, me Astrid Arvidsson a simple Human-Elven girl. But it's our life, it's out freedom, it's basically everything that is in danger here. I don't know why they are attacking us but I know one thing that I will not tolerate tyranny from anybody, partly because of my history, feeling like you're not part of anything, neither human nor elven and it didn't help me that I lost my parents at just two years old, well I got to say I can't remember much about them, I grew up with my aunt, she was the one who took me. You might think I would've asked here about my parents and be sure I did, but she always avoided this particular topic. She was the one person I really had a connection with tough. But that changed on one night, it was the night of my 14th birthday when she disappeared, and I was suddenly all alone. I wandered across big parts of Maerfrom searching for my aunt or any information on my parents for three full years, until I heard of the attack on the Zula. It was that day when I suddenly felt the urge to fight, so I made my way to Maefong not knowing what exactly I would do when I'm there I knew they wouldn't let me fight, I'm a girl after all, but I made my way up there anyways. It took me a couple of days to reach the city, but I finally made it. And I heard they were searching for sailors to stop the Delvon from an old man, he mentioned they would recruit people at the harbor. So, I decided to check it out. There were thousands of men, hundreds of elves and about five dozen Zula there. I made my way to the front of the crowed trying to offer my services, but one of the guards grabbed the collar of my shirt just before I reached him and pulled me up asking me what I was doing here. I told him I was planning to fight, to help protect Maerfrom. He started to laugh and said, "How could you a young girl expect to fight, you should go back were you belong". My body filled with rage, I felt my heart betting faster and faster. And before I even noticed it, I started yelling: "I am here to fight, and I will not back down". It was that moment that the guard dropped me from shock and one-man behind him stood up and moved forward. He said the guard to let me pass, so I did. I walked up to the table where the man was standing. He looked at me examining my body. After a couple seconds he said: "So you want to fight, what's your name little girl". So, I told him that I'm called Astrid Arvidsson. His mouth dropped open, and he just started looking down at my arm, the bracelet of my father to be exact. After about 5 seconds he started with: "Astrid Arvidsson, I thought you died fifteen years ago with my best friend". I just replied with: "You know me, and who are you?". "I am Malvon, and of course I know you, you should now Arvid, your father was my best friend." He answered. I couldn't believe it he knew my father, even more he was a friend of my father. I was standing there with my chin dropped to the ground. It took him a little while but at the end he said, "You want to come along or not". I just nodded my head. "Then get your butt on this ship" he added. It's weird if think about it. Me being here, well at least I'm not the only girl on board, there is also Shiva she is a 16-year-old Zula who sneaked on board to fight the Delvon, we grew somewhat close here, well considering we are the only girls on this ship. It's weird time we are living in. And as the sun started setting, I moved to the edge to see the last rays of the sun over the ocean. It was that moment when Shiva joined me and asked me one question: "Do you think we'll have a chance of things returning back to normal". It took me a few seconds to replay but I finally said: "I don't think things will return to the way they were. But what I do believe in is that we will be victorious and that we will rebuild the destroyed homes, and that we will life in peace once again, but I also believe that this will take 100 per cent of every one of us". She looked at me with big eyes. It took her a couple seconds, but after this short period of time she threw herself at me and hugged me at a level that I thought I wouldn’t be able to breath anymore. I barely managed to say: "You’re killing me", Shiva. She dropped the hug that instant just mumbling: "I'm Sorry". After I caught my breath again I just replied with: "Apology accepted". It was this moment when I decided to walk to the edge of the deck and just looking at the waves move and reflecting on everything of the last couple of months. I knew that we would head for battle soon and I knew that this could change everything. I spent a couple minutes just starring at the sea, looking at the waves. When I realized that the sun started to set and it was getting night. I looked up and realized that Shiva, was still standing next to me. I've spent a couple more minutes doing nothing but enjoying the breeze of the wind and looking at the sunset, well until I got Interrupted by a voice. It was Malvon voice. He said: "Astrid, I have to talk to you".


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