The Tales of Maerfrom: Dragons Rebirth Day 2: The journey to Alaset Isle

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Authors Notes: Hi everybody and welcome to the 3rd chapter of this wonderful Story. I hope you enjoy it and appreciate all kind of feedback.

I slowly opened my eyes, when I realized that there was something sitting right by the window. It was a swallow, it's appearance shocked me awake but it only took me about 30 seconds until I finally relaxed again. Seeing a swallow when you get up is said to be a sign of good luck, something I definitely need in my life. I started to get up slowly, by sitting up on the edge of my bed. I spent a couple minutes relaxing thinking about what would happen for the next couple of days. After some time I decided to get up and get ready to head out. I got up up walked over to my closet grabbed my normal clothes, and changed into them from my Pajama. I walked back to the closet to grab my shield and to grab my bows and some arrows. I headed to the door when I realized that I've almost forgotten my compass, my map and my dagger. So I walked back to the closet for a third time to grab my compass and my dagger, but my map wasn't there. I turned around not knowing what to do. I checked every where but after about ten minutes of looking and not finding it I headed back for the door. When I walked back to the door I saw the corner of a piece of paper laying under my blanket. I walked over to my bed and lifted the blanket and finally found my map tucked under it. It took me about 20 minutes searching for the map. I packed it into my bag, grabbed it and threw it over my shoulder. I headed right back the door for a third time, double checked everything again. After I was sure I got everything I need, I reached out for the door knob, grabbed it and slowly started turning it, I opened my door as slowly and quietly as possible, since I didn't want to wake anybody up, being afraid they would ask questions what I'm up to, and they would try to stop me, but I have to do this, I just have to figure out what happened to my father. So I decided to sneak to deck and to use one of the smaller landing boats to conclude journey. I was almost there when the last step on the ladder to the deck made a loud squeaking noise, I was frozen for a second thinking somebody had to hear this. But after a couple of moments I slowly continued my trip on deck to the landing boats. I decided to use the second on in the row, tied a rope to the front and another one to the back of this boat, at the other and I tied both of the ropes together and to a pole on the ship. I pushed the boat to the edge of the deck and lifted on side up to the fence. I pushed it harder and let until it was sitting right next to the edge over the wide blue ocean. I slowly started to untie the ropes from the pole loop by loop and after ten hard minutes the boat reached the surface of the water. I walked over to the edge and grabbed on of the ropes I used to drop the boat, to climb it down. It took me only a couple of moments until I was sitting in the landing boat. I spend a couple of seconds just sitting there and thinking about what I was going to do. After I was sure that I wanted to do that, I cut the ropes fixing the boat to the ship and started paddling away. I had about 50 miles of ground to cover before I would reach Alaset Isle the most Southern of the western Isles. So I paddled I knew it would be about a two day journey for me, while the mighty Sea Dragon would take almost three times as long. It was a hard few hours to get to my first stop, it was a tiny island about 120 miles away from Alaset, but this was also meaning that I was only about a quarter of the way there in just under 4 hours of paddling. I made sure that the waves wouldn't take my boat with them and then grabbed my bag and set foot on the island to make my self some food I garbed a piece of bread out of my bag and looked for a nice place to sit down. I found a log just a couple feet away from the shore. I sat down on the log just to take a bite out of the bread and think a little bit about what I might find at Alaset Isle. Maybe even some signs of my mother or at least a tiny piece in the puzzle to figure out my story. To sun was rising high but the temperature didn't seem to increase all that much this must be one of the negatives of being up so far north that the temperature wouldn't raise that much despite it almost being noon. It didn't feel nearly as cold though on the Mighty Sea Dragon, maybe it was because of all the torches on the ship or maybe it was because of him Aelon. I some how felt warmer just thinking about him if somebody would've been with me in this moment he or she would've probably ask why I turned this red in moment of mere seconds. It is wired thinking of him like this I mean I know I like him, not just like him but like him a lot, like really really like him, but this was just not the right time to let my mind drift of in thoughts like this, I had to stay focused I still had quite a journey in front of me before I would arrive at Alaset Isle and if I wanted to make it by tomorrows noon I had to continue my boat trip basically now. So I got back to my boat pushed it back into the water and started pedaling to escape the waves trying to push me back to the island. After what felt like about 10 minutes of hard and continues pedaling I was sure I made it back to the open sea. I also knew that this has been the easy part of this boat trip, because right in front of me were the cliffs and rocks of Maeron this barrier was the only reason that I would be able to be so much faster than the Mighty Sea Dragon even though my boat was tiny compared to it, well hold that thought my boat was just tiny no reason to make up excesses, but this tininess was actually beneficial today since I was able to navigate right through these massive rock fields. Legend says that this whole array of small islands, cliffs and rocks used to belong to a bigger Island as well as Alaset all the way back in the first age when dragon were still around and flying through the sky, but than one day these creatures disappeared, no body knows exactly what happened during this time. We had plenty of records of the decades and centuries before those days as well as records of the decades and centuries after those days. But somehow from one day to another no more records existed for nearly a hundred years. Something really terrible must've happened back than not just because all the dragons disappeared, not just because a huge chunk of this used to big island just got destroyed, not just because there were no more records for a hundred years, but also and that is the biggest proof because all future writings, stories or any type of mentioning of this time how rare it might be referred to it as the dark age, the time when an unknown foe attacked from the east and nearly whipped out all civilization, who this foe was, what stopped them and why they came was never mentioned. It seemed like they either tried to forget, were forced to forget or they really just had no answer. The first cliffs and rocks came into sight and I knew this would be one of the most dangerous thinks I had ever done, I looked at all the water flushing through the small cracks and I knew if I just made one wrong move I would die here and nobody would ever hear of me again. It not like many people would wander of to this area. I made my way through most of the rocks save when at about 20 minutes later I saw the last couple of rocks before I was through the worst part of all of these cliffs. But than like out of nowhere me just being in between two rocks a heavy wind started to push my boat right into the rock to my right, it spliced my boat right into half and sent me flying for a couple of feet until I landed in the water to the right of the stone face down at that point I was certain this wold be my end, the end of a long journey the end of my life. I just had my eyes closed expecting to start drowning every second but after what felt like minutes, it probably were only a few seconds though I had the courage to open my eyes and what I saw changed my world, the whole world forever.


To everybody who is waiting for the next chapter I got to apologize that I won't be able to publish it for about 3 weeks since I'm on vacation. Thank you for the understanding and I hope you enjoyed the story so far

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