The Tales of Maerfrom: The Talk with Malvon

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Authors Notes: Hi everybody, I've just finished the second part of this story I hope you'll enjoy it event though it's just more background story, but don't worry tomorrows part will get things really started, Enjoy this part and I would appreciate any feedback since this is my first ever story.

I turned around and just nodded my head. He led the way to his cabin and I followed him closely asking him: "What do you need to talk to me about." He replied: "I need to tell you something about your parents and how all of this links together, You know 14 and a half years ago your father discovered a mythical egg on one of the western islands, I'm not sure if you remember anything about it, he wanted to bring it back to the main land when one night he came to me shocked claiming he had seen something following him and being after the egg. He said he has never seen anybody or anything just like the people following him. He was afraid not knowing exactly what to do. He decided it would be best to hide the egg on an island and to separate just to protect him. That is the only problem he never came back from hiding the egg and even worse his wife, your mother disappeared as well, we thought they just went into hiding as well, but then a couple days later we found the death body of her and we thought what happened to her must have happened to him as well. The weird thing about all of that is that, he described his let's call them hunters as silver skinned, tall, red eyes and bald. Sounds familiar doesn't it?" I was standing there shocked realizing that it was a perfect description of the Delvon, the species which is responsible for killing thousands already, I didn't know what exactly that meant. It took me a little longer until I finally realized that the Delvon knew my father and were after this mysterious egg. I didn't knew what to think as matter of fact I still don't know what to think about this thing with the egg, with my father and with the current attack. It scares me thinking of how all of these things may be related. "I see it shocked you, do you need a moment?", Malvon asked. "I'm good" was my immediate reaction to this question. "Okay, so your father was followed by what I now think were the Delvon, and now we are here fighting them, and that is why I knew you would be right for this ship, right for the crew of this ship, I knew your father and that he was or maybe even is brave enough to risk his own life for others and that's all that counts on board of this ship and also because I hope you found out what happened to your father. I know we didn't had much success during the last months and I am sorry that I waited so long before telling you, but I wanted to wait for the right time and the right situation to tell you, but now I'm afraid the right situation might never occur. You know the next island we gonna reach is the last island we've seen your father on, and the same island were we found your mother." Malvon said. I didn't totally understand it at the beginning but after just a few moments it all made sense to me. He wanted to tell me just in case if my father was alive and also just in case if we found that mysterious egg my father protected. I wish I would know what this egg could carry, why it was so important and why the Delvon wanted it. After a couple more seconds of thought I had really stupid thought but one that I couldn't let go off. I guess Malvon saw me thinking because just a little bit later he asked me what was on my mind. "Well I just had a thought, it's kinda stupid, but I got the feeling like I have to do it." I replied. "What is it?" Malvon asked. "Well I would like to take a small boat and see if I could reach the island a little earlier and to see if I find out anything about my father or maybe even the egg.", "I answered. "Sounds good with me I send some of the other sailor..." Malvon responded until I interrupted him with "No definitely not, if the stories you told me are true I have to go alone, I don't want to endanger anybody for my personal project." He just nodded but I was able to see that he wasn't comfortable with my decision. After a couple of seconds I said "I will take a boat right before sunrise tomorrow." I turned around and started walking towards the door, when suddenly his hand grabbed me on my shoulder, and pulled me so I would be facing towards him. "Take care of your self, Astrid." he said. I just nodded with a smile on a face, it feels really good knowing somebody really cares about you, it's a feeling I have almost forgotten, a feeling I haven't had in nearly 4 years. I opened the door of his cabin just to see Shiva standing right in front of it, with a worried look on her face. I continued walking on walking to my cabin, walked next along me, she said: "You can't be serious about your plan", "As serious as you can be", was all I said. She stopped for a second with her chin dropped to the ground, when she shouted: "You know you gonna get your self killed out there, don't you". Her voice shocked me so I stopped walking towards my cabin for a moment, to say: "You know Shiva, All of this is about my family my heritage, I grew up mostly alone and now I got a chance of figuring out what exactly happened to them and please don't take that as an offence, but I be damned if I wouldn't go and maybe everything I could figure out would be destroyed before I get there." Shiva just responded with: "I understand what you feel trust me I do know how it feels to loose everything, all I wanted to say is try not to get yourself killed out there." "I'm not planning to die yet, don't you worry, Shiva." After saying that I moved on towards my cabin to lay down and get at least a little sleep before I gonna head out tomorrow morning. After about 200 yards if reached my door I opened it, walked into my cabin and closed, the door behind me. I walked to my closet put my equipment in it and grabbed my pajama. I changed my clothes and got ready for bed. I closed the shutters of my tiny window. I walked over to my bed and laid down, just waiting to fall asleep.


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