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IMG-20180827-WA0005.jpg(Question) If someone does not have a younger brother,
With you?
(Answer) with Devar, but the word Devar means the meaning of you
Not like that. Look at Nirukat-
Devar: Cassand gets up on II-Niru 0 0 3 | Clause 15 ||
Devar tells him that Vidhu is the second husband, whether small
Brother or older brother, or your character or best character with you, by which
The name of his name is Deewar.
(Narai) Widow thou (and Gatsum), leaving the hope of this dead husband
(Remaining) of the rest of the men (Abhi jivolom) live to the other husband (unread)
Receive and consider (the fact) that the idea that the (handicapped)
DIDHOSO :) You are related to the relation of husband
If it is to be used (idm) this child (born) is the same child appointed
(Patiya) will be of the husband and if you act for yourself then this child (Taw)
It will be yours. Such determinants (Abhasabha Bhaibhath) and appointed men also
Follow the rules.
Adavri Gnathiphani Hidayah Shi or Ghiyavhya: Suyamma Suvarcha.
Pratyavita Veer Sourdai Rakurya Nakgunimam Garhapatya Samparya ..
-Author 0 to 14 | अनु. 2 2 | 18 ||
Hey (untimely goddaughter) You do not hurt the husband and brother-in-law (Ih)
In this Hometown (animal husbandry) for animals (Shiva) Kalyan Kahan Hari (Suyama)
(Pandavas), including the best son Potradari (Virus), the knights of the sons (Devakama)
Devar's wishing (Soya) and happiness is due to husband or goddess (edhi)
Received (Imam) This (Garhapatyam) related to the householder (Agnim) Agnihotra
(Sapya) by consuming it.
Tamenen Vidyanen Nijo Vindet Devar: || Manu ||
If the Akshatanya woman becomes a widow, then the husband's private younger brother
Can marry


Shuddh drishy khubiya scrub

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Great post!
Thanks for tasting the eden!

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