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IMG-20180827-WA0005.jpgExaminations are performed by Brahmins, Nirveedmayaanayaatitikat: Kraten.
Theoretically, the gurmevabhigachheit samitapani: Shrotriya Brahmannitam ..
-Mund Clause 2. Min. 12 ..
Seeing all the worldly pleasures associated with karma, the Brahmin, ie ascetic asceticism, is attained. Because the unconscious means not done by God only done by karma. Therefore, to take the meaning of some offerings, take the knowledge of Vedavita and God who knows God, to go to science. Let's get rid of all doubts. But always leave them with that-
Atikitamantaratara Current: Self-self: Parditammanyama:
Janganayamaa: The projectnaad mudha aadhennevayayyamana yathandah.1.1.
Unexpectedly, most of the time, it is a self-effacing person.
Yatkarminova na pravidanti ragatenatura: khidnalocachyvantya..2.
-Mund 0 1. Clause 2. M8 9 ..
Those who are playing in ignorance, consider themselves patient and wise; they find sadness in the back of the blind, like blind people, who get blind plight behind them. Those who believe in the illusion that we are grateful, are the only ones who can not know and know only by the rituals of rituals, they are tired of the sad demise. Therefore-
Institutional: Confirmation of Scientology: Correct.
They are Brahmalokeshu Parantakale Paramrita: Spirituality Survey ..
-Mund 0 3. Clause 2. Min. 6 ..
Those who believe in the meaning and the conduct of Vedanta, God Vedantantra, are well-preserved as a sannyasin, they get freedom in God; After the enjoyment, when the period of happiness is fulfilled in liberation, then they are exempted from the world. Without liberation, there is no destruction of pain. Because-
Neither natural nor loving than love, love or love, but in love. -Chandon ..
The person who is the body can not live separately from the happiness of grief and who is unarmed in absolute freedom with the universal God, then he does not receive worldly pleasures. Therefore-
Lokayyashashashashashashashashashashashashashashashashashashashashashashthayathakshayacharyya Charuti
-0 0
Saints of the people, who are separated from the love of money or gain from money, have a reputation for benefiting from money or for the benefit of the people. They are begging for the night and are looking forward to the means of salvation.


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