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I have finished Withhold Book 9 of the Mosaic Chronicles by Andrea Pearson, http://andreapearsonbooks.com

This installment starts with Nicole successfully beating the Fire Pulser and freeing Shonlin. Unfortunately she found out that Keitus has obtained the final talisman and so the amulet is complete. Now it is a race to find the volatile spirit Helen that had terrorized Lizzie in the Praxis Novellas (The Angel) and convince her that she shouldn’t give Keitus her body.

The team goes to the land of bones to try to find Helen but they are too late. Helen has lost her soul and there is nothing for the team to do but run. Keitus has all he needs – a new body and great power, he has begun his takeover of everywhere. Planet by planet, dimension by dimension.

The team must try a daring rescue in an attempted to get Nicole’s powers back, that were stolen by Keitus when he came into his new body. A potion must be concocted to counteract the poison blocking her powers.

The team has no choice now, they must approach the Great Ones which is a very bad thing. Will Nicole be killed or enslaved by the Great Ones? Will the Great Ones do anything about Keitus? Will anyone survive the battles that is ahead.

I think the theme of this installment is Nicole making choices and understanding the consequences of her choices. As a leader, you have to make hard decisions and make sacrifices. Nicole finds out what she is willing to sacrifice to save the ones she loves.

Good book, good series. If you read it, let me know what you think.
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Sweet! Nice wrap-up to what seems to be a cool series of books.

I still can't over the fact, you've read a series of nine books over the last few months. I would still be on the first chapter of the first book. #nonfictionreader Thanks for the reviews, though. Now, I won't have to read the books since I have such a wonderful overview.

It took following it from the first book I get excited every time you publish the following part

I hope some day to read them a little more and complete for now with your summary for me is well happy day

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It's a shame that Helen is no longer here, Keitus is a danger with the power she has now. I'm sure that in the next review you will tell us how Nicole saves them all This is interesting

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Pleased to read your summary of the book Mosaic of Chronicles

You are very advanced with this book but I would also do it with how interesting and intense it is, it catches you @altportal

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I like read book.
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