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Thanks to @calluna I have two good books to read this summer:

West of Eden by Harry Harrison.
I knew about Harrison from the Stainless Steel Rat series and this is one of those books that has been on my to-read list for a while. I remember seeing it on the bookstore shelves in the 80s and contemplating it. I think at the time it was a bit "too thick" for me (hey at least I admit it) as I favored shorter novels at the time.

This copy was purchased on Amazon used for around $10 USD. It's in great shape and supposedly a 1st edition but I do think it might be book club which is a different kind of edition. It's hardback which is not my preferred format but when buying older used books I've found better luck getting decent condition with hard backs. Plus, it's not stinky.

The Lady of the Rivers by Philippa Gregory
It's a romance book but Calluna says the author does a lot of historical research for accuracy. I'm looking forward to reading this! The whole conversation started when I read @calluna's short story "The Curse That Bound Her."

Thanks to @seesladen I decided to try something more serious, Things Fall Apart by Chinua Achebe. You can read Seesladen's original patriotic poem here "I am Nigeria" for the context of this inspirational book purchase.

I haven't really read much from Africa which as we know most western literature has a very colonial perspective. I know the Royal family likes to vacation in Kenya. There's a weird avante guard music group I like called Die Antwoord that I like from South Africa. I own a Coptic cross from Egypt my mom bought at an airport duty free terminal. Just fragments of whatever American media and culture has injected into me.

I'm really looking forward to reading Achebe's book because it's distinctly Nigerian.

I'm trying to understand Africa more. In American university history courses Africa is touched on, of course explaining the colonialism and parts of the world wars. A little on the Boer war. A bit on apartheid. Egypt. But there's not a lot of deep diving into truly understanding it unless you take a topic centered course.

Then there's things like Ebola that come out of Africa that are just downright terrifying and serve as a global reminder that despite our advances in technology and civilization, Nature rules.

I'm becoming more interested in reading history that is written by the native people and consciously selecting sources to have a more balanced perspective.

Have you read any of these books? What is on your summer reading list?

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Thank you so much for reading!


Glad I could help. Though I must say, Things Fall Apart is quite colonial in context too. But you would enjoy it .

Please recommend reading that is not colonial in context. Eager to open my eyes....

Painfully the popular ones tend to sway in that direction. Personally I grew up on Hadley Chase novels, lol.

But you can check Wole Soyinka's classics. You wouldn't be disappointed. Distinctly African, minus the colonial effect.

Thank you! -- I will. Some (many) years ago I took graduate courses in comparative literature. The idea was to read material from different cultures--we read Japanese classics, Chinese classics, but nothing from the continent of Africa. I think the course of study would be different today.

I rarely follow reading suggestions because my tastes are peculiar. Most popular fiction is actually torturous for me to read. But your blog persuaded me to give Things Fall Apart a try (I have a feeling I may have read this already). Colonial history of Africa is something I've paid a lot of attention to. Actually wrote a couple of books for students (small books that don't sell!) about colonialism. Not making a pitch here. These books will never sell, but they are responsible and demanded a lot of research. Thought I'd touch base and let you know your blog resonated with at least one Steemian. I am following you. Sometimes Steem offers interesting reading, like today :)

I'm so glad you were inspired. As a researcher I can relate to how intimate sometimes our projects are. Only a small number of people may ever care but we do, right? There is a thoroughness to the process that is demanded in the quest for truth. Even then, after finding one truth, there's always that nagging feeling a different one out there exists if only I could find it. But more realistically, if only I had the time to search. It's a bit unsatisfying in that regard. Nice to meet you!

Ooo I am so excited for you to read these two, they couldn't be more different! Some intense fantasy and some historical romantic fiction about the overlooked women who shaped British history. I still find myself day dreaming about the world of West of Eden.

I have been doing such a poor job of reading this year, too many stories of my own and then really gripping tv shows! I have a growing pile of books as people lend me ones that I need to bump to the top. I am currently trying to read Ink which is more teenage than I would ever normally go for, but a friend has lent it to me as an easy read. It hasn't hooked me yet, but hopefully I will have chance to pick it up over the weekend!

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